Noto Personal Organizer

Noto Personal Organizer 1.40

A realistic personal planner for your PC

Noto Personal Organizer is a useful tool for PC users who want to get their life and school schedules organized in one convenient place. View full description


  • Well organized and feels realistic
  • Lots of different agenda views and alarms available
  • Useful, tabbed sections


  • Does not integrate online calendars
  • No images or files can be added


Noto Personal Organizer is a useful tool for PC users who want to get their life and school schedules organized in one convenient place.

If you're always losing your personal organizer then Noto Personal Organizer is a mini application or ‘window gadget’ that you can move around your computer desktop.

Noto Personal Organizer works exactly like a real personal organizer, with page turning and separate side tabbed sections. This includes a week to view, month to view and projects section. Of course, you've also got an address book and you can set alarms to be triggered when an important event has come up. In addition Noto Personal Organizer gives you a host of other tools including a calculator, mp3 player and a memory game.

The problem is the features should have stopped there. Noto Personal Organizer insists on bloating itself with icons, gadgets, design options and maps that you'll never really use. In fact, there's more emphasis on making your organizer look good than adding any other truly useful features to it - like the ability to integrate with Google Calendar, for example.

Noto Personal Organizer certainly looks good but its functionality could have been extended by adding more substance to its outward style.

Noto Personal Organizer


Noto Personal Organizer 1.40

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